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New MLB Pitch Clock Rules Shaving 24 Minutes From Games

  • Spring training games running 2:37 vs. 3:01 last year.
  • Time limits of 15-20 seconds between pitches speeding up play.
Nathan Ray Seebeck-USA TODAY Sports

The results speak for themselves. 

Despite concerns from traditionalists over Major League Baseball’s new pitch clock rules, the changes are shaving 24 minutes off spring training games.

As of this past Sunday, spring training games were running an average length of two hours and 37 minutes vs. three hours and one minute in 2022.  

That’s a big improvement for a game that’s known for its sometimes glacial pace of play. 


MLB To Implement Pace-of-Play Rule Changes

The effort to make baseball fun again is moving forward.
September 9, 2022

Minus commercials, the average half-hour entertainment TV show is only on for 21-22 minutes. 

Heading into the 2023 MLB regular season, baseball viewers should expect quicker, faster-paced games with more action and less downtime with pitchers loitering around the mound or batters stepping out of the box to adjust their equipment. 

Here’s how the new pitch clock rules work:

  • 15-second time limit between pitches if the bases are empty; 20 seconds if there are baserunners.
  • Pitchers must begin their motion to deliver the pitch before the time expires; if not, they’re automatically charged with a ball.
  • Batters must be in the box and ready to go at least by the eight-second mark; If not, they’re automatically charged with a strike.

All 30 MLB teams are scheduled to be in action on Opening Day Thursday, March 30.